2018 Awards Catalog

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | PLAN Sublimation starts with a great plan, layout, and eye- catching graphics. Sawgrass ™ makes it easy with Creative Studio! PIGMENT PDU CAT offers Sawgrass ™ sublimation ink that produces outstandingly vibrant high-resolution images. PRINTER At this time PDU CAT offers Sawgrass ™ inkjet printers which provide reliable and affordable results. PAPER PDU CAT offers Beaver Paper's TexPrint-R ® sublimation paper that delivers a very high color transfer efficiency. PRESS PDU CAT offers a wide range of digitally controlled heat presses designed for the production environment. PRODUCT PDU CAT offers a variety of substrates from top brands such as UNISUB, ® ChromaLuxe, ® Switch Case, ™ Dynasub, ™ and Sublimax. ™ Six P's for Great Sublimation 653 S UBLIMATION