2018 Awards Catalog

CO2 Laserable Generally applies to acrylic core materials as well as rubber, which can be CO2 laser engraved and cut. Also suitable for coated or anodized metals. ABS materials can also be CO2 lasered, although cutting results and lasering quality may vary according to materials and/or colors. Apart from a few exceptions, most CO2 laserable materials are also rotary engravable. Rotary Engravable The most versatile engraving technology. Suitable for most plastic materials and metals. UV Print UV LED printing material. Indoor Use Material intended for interior applications that do not require UV stability or resistance to weather conditions. Outdoor Use Generally applies to certain metals and to acrylic core materials, well known for their UV stability and ability to withstand weathering conditions. Surface Engraving 1-ply, 2-ply or 3-ply materials are either lasered or engraved to expose the core of the material, thereby giving a color contrast between cap (surface layer) and core (base color). Subsurface Engraving Applies to 1-ply and 2-ply clear base materials. The material is lasered or engraved from the back. Once lasered or engraved, the characters and logos can be back- painted to achieve aesthetic color contrast. Rotary Indoor UV Print Surface Outdoor Laser Subsurface Plastic Engraving Material Applications & Symbols 607 E NGRAVING S TOCK