2018 Awards Catalog

Polished gold colored metal rings with a unique black enamel filled chevron design. Available in 3 sizes. Ring only. Inserts sold separately. 39900-G GOLD CHAIN (31 ½" - 25/ CS ) Part: Ring Size: Case Qty: CHR210-G SMALL 5 CHR212-G MEDIUM 5 CHR214-G LARGE 5 Chevron Champ Rings Small US Size 10 2.443" Circ. 0.778" Dia. Medium US Size 12 2.644" Circ. 0.842" Dia. Large US Size 14 2.845" Circ. 0.906" Dia. Ring Inserts Polished gold colored metal inserts with black enamel fill. INS103-G BASEBALL INS105-G BASKETBALL INS100-G FOOTBALL INS152-G FANTASY FOOTBALL INS115-G SOCCER INS180-G STAR RB01 RING BOX (1 ¾" - 10/ CS ) RD02 ACRYLIC CHAMP RING DISPLAY (7" X 5" - 1/ CS ) You can make custom plastic inserts with your laser engraver. A template for vector cutting is available on our website: www.DealerAlliance.net LASER CUT CUSTOM INSERTS Attaching Inserts: Attach ring inserts to the Chevron Champ Rings using strong epoxy or jewelers glue. Recommended: E6000 Permanent Adhesive. 536 RISERS & BACKDROPS MYLARS EMBLEMS COLUMNS LIDS & PEDESTALS BASES CUPS & BOWLS MEDALS RIBBONS & PINS PLAQUES ENGRAVING STOCK & SIGN SUPPLIES HARDWARE TOOLS & EQUIPMENT SUBLIMATION & THE MAGIC TOUCH RESIN AWARDS ENGRAVABLE GIFTS GREYSTONE ASSEMBLED AWARDS FIGURES & TRIMS C HAMPIONSHIP R INGS